Dynamic seals

Dynamic seals are sealing elements that move relative to each other. These seals are distinguished by their applica-tion in translational (back and forth) motion, in rotational (turning) motion or in a combination of both motion types.

They are used to prevent mass transfers between two components moving relative to each other (from one space to another) or to reduce this to a minimum. Typical examples for the application of dynamic seals are in hydraulic cylinders or the sealing of rotating shafts.

Application limits

Limits to the application of dynamic seals depend on many different parameters and can therefore vary quite strongly.

Major roles, for instance, are attributed to:

  • Speed of movement (stroke speed or rotational speed)
  • Media to be sealed off (water, air, oil, etc.)
  • Sealing performance level
  • GLevel of pressure difference between two spaces to be sealed from each other
  • Temperature difference
  • Degree of pollution to be excluded
  • Expenditures and assembly efforts
  • Practical relationship:
    – Quality of the contacting surface
    – Suitable match between contacting surface and seal material
    – Stability of the sealing material against the medium to be sealed off

Dynamic seals overview

We manufacture slide ring seals for applications in hydraulics and pneumatics in several designs

  • Rod seals: single-acting or double-acting
  • Piston seals: single-acting or double-acting
  • Rotary seals: internal or external sealing
  • with and without O-ring in a slide ring set

We manufacture and deliver tapes, including guiding belts made of non-metallic materials for applications in hy-draulics and pneumatics. Different designs are possible:

  • Straight joint
  • Diagonal joint
  • Overlapping joint

The lengths are cut off the roll.

We manufacture cuffs mostly as V-ring sets in several designs:

  • Least pressure V-ring set
  • Low pressure V-ring set
  • High pressure V-ring set
  • Extreme pressure V-ring set

Different combinations of materials and packing heights are possible.

We manufacture diverse seals and cuffs made from a large variety of high-performance plastics in several designs. These include for example:

  • Collar seals
  • Radial shaft seals
  • Shaft seals with PTFE lip
  • Lip seals
  • Clamp seals
  • Quad-rings
  • Hat-shaped cuffs
  • Cup-shaped cuffs
  • V-rings
  • Wipers

We will be happy to advise you in the manufacture of cuffs and seals made from PTFE.

Product pages – dynamic seals

We have put together a selection of dynamic seals for you on the following details page.

Wiper, Typ AS 01
Wiper, Typ AS 02
Piston seal, double-acting, Type KD 02 (without notches) + KD 03 (with notches)
Piston seal, double-acting Type KD 04
Piston seal, single-acting Type KD 01
Piston guide ring type kf
Rotary seal, internal sealing, Type RI
Rod seal, single-acting, Type SD 04
Rod seals, double-acting, Type SD 02– SD 03
Rod seal, single-acting Type SD 01
Rod guide ring, Type SF

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