Structural components from PTFE and high-performance plastics

A world without plastic structural components is unimaginable today. Owing to their exceptional properties, components made of plastic materials have already ousted the use of conventional components made of steel or glass in many industry areas and sectors. We will be happy to manufacture your structural components according to your drawing specifications but are also the right contact partner for innovative developments, material recommendations or the solution of problems.

Structural components overview


We manufacture PTFE bellows for vastly diverse applications. We manufacture bellows according to a customer's drawing; if required, the bellows are designed, constructed and manufactured individually to suit your application case.

ptfe konstruktionsteile uebersicht faltenbaelge.

Turned and milled parts based on your drawing

We manufacture structural components according to your specifications from PTFE and other plastics for very di-versive applications. They have a universal chemical resistance, a high temperature resistance and can be modified for special applications.


The materials we process include for example

Continuous service temperature up to approx. 100 °C

  • PE – polyethylene
  • PP – polypropylene
  • PVC – polyvinyl chloride
  • PMMA – polymethylmethacrylate and PC – polycarbonate as transparent plastic materials

Continuous service temperature up to approx. 150 °C

  • Various types of PA (polyamide), e.g. PA 6, PA 66, PA 12, filled PA
  • POM – polyoxymethylene
  • PET/PETP – polyethylenterephthalate
  • PTFE and PTFE compounds
  • PVDF – polyvinyl fluoride
  • PCTFE – polychlorotrifluorethylene
  • PFA – perfluoroalkoxy
  • ETFE – ethylene tetrafluoroethylene

Continuous service temperature up to approx. 300 °CPEEK – polyetheretherketone

  • PPS – polyphenylene sulphide
  • PAI – polyamidimide
  • PI – polyimide

We look forward to your request!

Use our experience in the field of structural components for your products. If you have a specific question about our structural components, please use our request form or get in contact with us directly. Do you have special requirements? We will be pleased to check whether we can realize your “special wish” with our manufacturing resources for you.

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