Seals made of PTFE

Make use of the unique qualities of PTFE for your application. Regardless whether it is a static, quasi-static or dynamic sealing element. Owing to the excellent properties of PTFE, seals made of PTFE or PTFE compounds can be found in many industrial sectors. In addition to a low friction coefficient, high temperature stability (-200 to +260 °C) and very good chemical resistance, no aging and no hardening occur.

To be able to cater to widely varying customer requirements, we have a wide variety of options available in the form of a variety of different fillers to choose from. Today, in field of sealing technology there are many very diverse applications judged from a technical point of view. The large number of influencing variables in each applica-tion and their interdependency makes it necessary to conscientiously address the requirements of the customer. A lack of awareness of such interrelations can often lead to unrealistic demands or the occurrence of undesirable problems.

We will be happy to advise you on the right product for your specific application.

Seals overview

Dynamic seals


Dynamic seals are distinguished according to the type of relative movement of seals in translational and rotational motions.

Nutringe KN14891-Edit.

Static seals

Static seals are sealing elements for static or quasi-static applications. Static seals are distinguished by the fact that the sealing element does not perform any relative movement.

Statische Dichtungen SU SG14881.

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