Sheets and foils

We offer sheets and foils made from PTFE materials and other high-performance plastics.

Several dimensions according to your project are possible.


PTFE sheets (thickness = 4 mm) are manufactured using a special press-sintering method. The sheets are manufac-tured on state-of-the-art pressing plants in the standard size of 1,200 × 1,2000 mm. Customized sheet sizes are available on request. Please note that for these sheet dimensions only standard materials such as pure PTFE, PTFE/glass fiber or PTFE/carbon are processed.


PTFE foil (thickness < 4 mm) displays its strength at high temperature and pressure resistance requirements. Thanks to its low friction characteristic, PTFE foil is applicable in many different industry branches. In addition, PTFE is physiologically safe and is therefore very suitable for applications in the food industry. PTFE foil is produced by splitting thick PTFE sheets (foil strength about 1 to 4 mm) or they are peeled off large PTFE blocs (foil thickness < 1 mm).

Besides the foils made from virgin PTFE, special foils are available that have a self-adhesive coating on one side. We would be glad to advise you on right product!

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