PTFE V-rings are used mainly for sealing on plunger and piston rods of hydraulic cylinders, presses, valve spindles and controls. Several sealing lips and the long contact surfaces ensure a good sealing performance.

The seal sets consist of a pressure ring, a back-up ring and V-rings, which in number and design are adapted to the various operational conditions. This makes them more insensitive to contamination from the operating medium than one-piece seals. Further decisive advantages are their form stability, which make V-rings insensitive to pressure peaks, and their preload adjustability (spacer plates, springs). In addition, they have a favorable breakaway torque even after a long standstill period.

Standard profiles are manufactured from pure PTFE or PTFE with fillers. There is an elastic design for the low pressure range, a design is available for a broad product spectrum, where the sealing function is given due to a wedge effect and a pressure resistant, relatively rigid design for harsh operating conditions. V-seal sets are made by machining and can be produced in a variety of diameters and heights.

Medium pressure V-seal set (MDM)

– Pressure range: < 50 bar
– Elastic profile version

High pressure V-seal set (HDM)

– Pressure range: 50 to 100 bar
– Profile relatively rigid, seals through a wedge effect

Extreme pressure V-seal set (HöDM)

– Pressure range100 bar – 250 bar
– Preferable for static sealing functions and pulsating pressures

ptfe dynamische dichtungen dachmanschetten.


PTFE purelow friction coefficient, low gas permeability, low thermal conductivity, limited abrasion resistance, application in food environments
PTFE + glass fiberhigh pressure resistance, improved wear resistance, not alkaline-resistant, application especially in food environments
PTFE + carbongood pressure resistance, improved thermal conductivity, good wear resistance, particularly suited for water as medium, filler can be attacked by oxidizing media
PTFE + graphitegood gliding and lubricating properties, conserves counter-running surfaces, is particularly suited for soft counter-running surfaces, very good in steam operations, not suitable for hard metals, filler can be attacked by oxidizing media
PTFE + bronzehigh pressure resistance, good thermal conductivity, good running behavior, filler can be attacked by acids

Surface finish

Roughness depthRa
Dynamic sealing surfaces≤ 0,2 µm
Static sealing surfaces≤ 1,6 µm
Lead-in chamfers, groove flanks≤ 3,2 µm

Running surface hardness

PTFE pure (CCN-01)≥ 30 HRC
PTFE compounds≥ 50 HRC

Application limits

Pressure: up to 300 bar

Stroke speed: Continuous operation: 0.5 m/s, intermittent operation 1.2 m/s

Temperature: -200°C to +240°C


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