We are your PTFE Competence Center

We rely on our many years of experience and the wide-ranging knowledge of our staff in the field of plastics and in PTFE processing in particular. This know-how and our own state-of-the-art manufacture of semi-finished and finished parts at our new production site in Grossenhain make a perfect symbiotic combination when it comes to PTFE and PTFE-based products.

We invest in cutting-edge technology and in our employees. We have fully established synchronized production processes and excel with a reliably high level of quality by virtue of our in-house production depth.
We pay attention to individual wishes. Right from the beginning, our specialists will provide you advisory support starting from the first design draft up to serial production. We never cut-back on expectations when quality and reliability are concerned. That is why we are the right partner for you and always happy to help.

We keep looking for ways to react even more flexible and quick to the wishes of our customers whilst maintaining unvarying high quality. In the future, we will focus our attention even more on the careful use of natural resources. Although PTFE production is not based on crude oil – unlike most other plastic materials – we attach great importance to material efficiency and the sustainable use of raw and auxiliary materials. This is because fluorite (calcium fluoride) is required for the production of PTFE, another natural material that is not available in unlimited quantity. We are therefore fully aware of our responsibility towards the generations following us.

Welcome to Grossenhain, 
welcome to the PTFE Competence Center

We are closely connected to the region where we are located. We are all the more pleased that we, as the PTFE Competence Center, were also able to serve as the backdrop for the new image video of the business location Grossenhain.