Semi-finished products

PTFE belongs to the group of thermoplastics but cannot be processed using the standard techniques for thermo-plastics such as e.g. injection molding. The very high molecular weight results in a too high melt viscosity and allows PTFE to be processed only with the special press and sinter methods as used in the manufacture of sintered ceramics. PTFE powder is compressed under very high pressure followed by a sintering procedure in which the PTFE particles fuse together. Please refer to the competence area for a detailed explanation of the manufacture of semi-finished products.

For plastics processors

Are you a processor of plastics yourself and need semi-finished products made from PTFE or from other high-performance plastics? No problem at all. We offer diverse sheets, solid rods, hollow rods, foils or tapes made from PTFE materials and other plastics!

Our semi-finished products

Hollow rods

We provide pressed and extruded hollow rods.

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Solid rods

Our range of products includes pressed and extruded solid rods

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Sheets and foils

We provide PTFE sheets and PTFE foils.

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