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Very often it is our customers who inspire us to innovations when they approach us with their specific ideas. They know exactly what performance a certain structural part has to provide and how strong it is loaded by pressure, extreme temperatures or certain media. And they know about the performance limits of the materials commonly available.

That is why they turn to us. To exceed these limits and find a material that, with its unique characteristics, masters the most demanding tasks. We offer our support when it comes to the development of new structural parts. We carefully adjust the material and geometry of the part to its intended use. By means of our enormous competence in PTFE plastics, we will find the best solution in both economic and technological respects.

For you, we develop special PTFE compounds to improve the characteristics of this outstanding material. By doing so, these compounds very often lead to completely new fields of application and open up new business opportunities. Our CNC machined parts of premium quality already find use in the valve industry, for laboratory equipment, vehicles, engines and plants and several future technologies, even in aerospace engineering.

A famous manufacturer of valves supplies has a large pharmaceutical company of international importance as a customer. The seat rings they usually used were compression proof but showed excessive abrasion. That is why they had a very limited operating time.

The customer turned to us and depicted his problem. We examined several materials in order to harmonize economical, technological and tribological aspects. In cooperation with the manufacturer, we developed a special PTFE compound and processed it to sample parts in several sizes. The customer successfully tested them with his valves. There was no abrasion, even after 80,000 cycles. The developed PTFE compound is much more wear resistant and even meets the requirements of the FDA (American Food and Drug Association). Thanks to the new material, our customer saves money because the service and maintenance intervals can be extended notably.

A high tech company manufactures control systems for equipment and plants. For a European company in aeronautics, it plans to develop an experiment booth for the International Space Station ISS. By the means of that, the behavior of granular media in zero gravity shall be examined.

The customer has detailed specification to be considered. For example, the products must work in weightlessness, the material must be suitable for aeronautics and the volumes shall be alterable within predetermined limits. That means that the geometry of the products must adapt flexibly.

We cooperated with the RWTH Aachen University to fulfill the customer’s demands. We developed special bellows capable of changing its volume also in zero gravity. The PTFE-CC already delivered the first test samples.

A big company in the chemical industry turned to us with a very complex problem. For the quantitative analysis of chemicals, laboratory equipment of several manufacturers is in use. But all devices have different interfaces to the respective containers. They are not fully compatible.

The customer asked us to design a set of hose and adapter that is universally deployable and connects the titration apparatus to the storage container irrespective of its manufacturer. The main goal was to avoid the costs for different joining adapters. Furthermore, the new set was supposed to be introduced in the colors of the corporate design of the company.

The job was ideal for the PTFE Competence Center. First of all, we examined possible materials for their resistance against the chemicals flowing through the hoses. Of course, we kept in mind the customer’s wishes regarding the color. Once we found a suitable material, we designed the hose adapter to be applied with all commonly used devices. For that purpose, we had to develop a suitable manufacturing technology for the forming and the assembly of the hose. The customer is very satisfied with the result of our work. Not only did he get the adapter set in his corporate colors, but it also comes in a matching packing. So we could finally start the production and ship the end product all over the world.

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