Bellows with sharp folds, Type FS

High flexibility is a characteristic of the bellows with sharp folds of type FS and it is especially well-suited for low pressure stresses and high stroke frequencies. Fold thickness and fold number can be individually adapted to suit customer and application specific requirements.

The advantages of this bellows type are a favorable ratio of installation length to elasticity as well as an exceptionally good suitability for dynamic applications. Frequent connection types are flange and cuff connections. Other connection options with customer-specified adaptions are also possible.

Areas of applications are expansion and vibration compensation between pipelines, protection of spindles and rods in corrosive atmospheres and in fluid streams. This bellows type is therefore used mainly in chemical and process engineering, in mechanical engineering and in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
The operating temperature range is between -120 °C to +150 °C.

Examples of structural forms

– sharp folds
– two-sided flange connection

ptfe faltenbalg spitze falten produkt bild 01-300x260.

– sharp folds
– customer-specific connections

ptfe faltenbalg spitze falten produkt bild 02-300x162.

Materials overview

MaterialsTypical propertiesOperating conditions
(PTFE pure)
low gas permeability, universal chemical resistance, good reverse bending strength standard materialfor food environments
(PTFE modified)
very low gas permeability, universal chemical resistancefor enhanced requirements on gas tightness and surface finish
(PTFE modified)
very good reverse bending strength, universal chemical resistancefor enhanced requirements on reverse bending strength
PTFE conductivestatic dissipative propertiesfor ATEX requirements (ex areas), restricted reverse bending strength

Application limits

Pressure: 0,25 to 2 bar (abs.)

Temperature: -120 °C to +150 °C

Please note: The specified application limits affect each other and should not occur simultaneously.

Connection types

  • Flange connection (standard)
  • Cuff connection (fastening with tube clamp)
  • Also fully assembled with stainless steel flanges

Further customer-specific adaptions are possible.

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