Static seals

Static seals made from PTFE are universal and frequently used sealing elements since they function reliably across a wide range of applications (pressure, medium, temperature). They are sealing elements for static or quasi-static applications. Static seals are distinguished by the fact that the sealing element does not perform any relative move-ment.

We manufacture static seals for our customers from various high-performance plastics.


Sealing at the interface of pressure and medium in the system, e.g. at the connection between two flanges or between a lid and a flange. The inner space and surrounding are completely separated from each other. There is no relative movement between the individual components.

Special case quasi-static motion

Usually, at greater intervals, very low rotational, and back and forth relative movements occur between the functional elements. Examples for this are a stroke or swivel motions.

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PTFE envelopes are encapsulated flat seals and find use in flange connections that are exposed to high chemical stress.


O-rings are subdivided into the following structural shapes and designs: PTFE O-rings, FEP-encapsulated O-rings and elastomer O-rings.

Pipe connectors

As static seals for standardized pipe connectors for application in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Back-up rings

Back-up rings are manufactured as protection and support elements made from extrusion resistant material and normally with a rectangular cross-section.

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