PTFE Competence Center is the authorized distributor for the Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Seals & Polymers Group and has diverse products from the Rulon® segment in its portfolio.

Currently marketed products from the Rulon® series are LR, J, 641, 123 and W2.


The stocked material Rulon® LR can be versatilely used because it is compatible with most hardened steel sub-strates and has outstanding chemical stability. Only molten sodium and fluorine can attack the material – but even so only at high temperatures and pressures.

Rulon® LR slide bearings can be used at temperatures from -244 to +288 °C and find application mainly as seals in pumps, and the like, and also in the electrical and automotive industries.

RULON® J is a dull-golden polymeric PTFE compound. It harmonizes extraordinarily well with soft counter surfaces such as stainless steel AISI 316, aluminum, construction steel, brass and various plastics. Additionally, the material has low friction and wear characteristics and is self-lubricating.

Among all reinforced PTFE materials, Rulon® J is one with the lowest coefficient of friction, making it optimally suited for start-stop applications. Owing to the tribological properties of the material, it is also widely used in bearing and wear components.

Rulon® 641 possesses excellent pressure and wear withstanding properties. It provides continuous non lubricated service up to 10,000 PV – temporarily even higher values are possible.

The material is compatible with a broad range of counterfaces, including construction steel, stainless steel AISI 316 and AISI 303 and also harder materials. It complies to FDA and is therefore ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Rulon® W2 is a black PTFE-based compound developed for use in fresh water applications. It has a low coefficient of friction, offers excellent wear properties (one with the lowest wearing rates in fresh water) and good heat dissipa-tion. The material characteristics are even better in wet conditions.

Rulon® W2 is a good alternative to Rulon® J if increased chemical resistance is required. However, it should not be used on very soft counterfaces or where electric insulation is required.

The material is compatible with most metal substrates and soft counterface materials. It finds use predominantly in fresh water applications, in galvanizing vessels or in furnaces.

Rulon® 123 is a shiny black, non-abrasive compound for softer counterfaces, for example, stainless steel. This mate-rial has outstanding chemical stability and is FDA and USDA compliant.

It is less expensive than Rulon® J but is also less flexible and has a higher wear. It is characterized by a low coeffi-cient of friction, good thermal and electrostatic dissipating properties and a high deformation resistance. The maxi-mum service temperature is 288° Celsius. Rulon® 123 should not be used in very dry environments and in vacuum applications, or when electric insulation is required.

Application fields are lip seals, e.g. for the automotive industry, EGR fittings and also magnet valves.

Manufacture of Rulon materials

Besides semi-finished products made from the described Rulon materials, you can naturally also get the corresponding finished products from us, e.g. bushes, seals and parts based on drawings. Please contact our Sales Department if you have further questions or requirements.

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