Our mission statement

Shaping the future with individual solutions – in focus and on target.

Customer requirement – the cornerstone of customer satisfaction and quality.

Significant importance is attached to identifying and determining a customer requirement correctly. This is an essential prerequisite for providing our customers with the product they have envisioned. However, defining a customer’s requirement goes far beyond just the product specification, it also includes establishing deadlines, quantities, prices and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

Competence in research and development.

Our competence in PTFE is the core feature of our company. The profound knowledge of our staff enables us to exploit the potential of high-performance plastic materials, and especially of PTFE, for novel applications. To achieve this, we are happy to develop new compounds which perfectly match your application and specific requirements together with you. This will enable us to expand the range of potential applications of PTFE and create materials that are put to the test in ever-newer upscale devices, machines and plants.

Communication as a foundation for trusted-based cooperation.

We are interested in building lasting relationships with our customers and partners. This will only succeed if all involved work together closely. We promote trust through open communication. Your requirements, our knowledge and the mutual experiences we make, when joined, will enable the creation of innovative materials and products.

Quality management – achieving success with established and documented production processes

Our company is certified to the standard DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and 14100: 2004. Modern measurement and test equipment used in materials testing and for fabrication and also novel high-performing production machines provide the technical basis for meeting our high-quality standards and achieving consistently high-quality products. Our employees are experienced, qualified and committed to quality. Each one of them is integrated in all the procedures and production processes and understands his or her role within the organization. Our comprehensive quality management system also includes our suppliers. They are a crucial aspect of value creation. We therefore select them carefully according to strict criteria.

Customer satisfaction takes center stage.

Customer satisfaction is our most valuable asset and at the center of our efforts. Only if you are satisfied, we are too. We therefore take complaints very seriously. You can help us to do our work even better. After all, it is with our semi-finished products and prefabricated components that you ensure the high quality of your products. Naturally, we want your customers to be satisfied as well.

What’s important to us: our customers, our staff and the quality of our products.

  1. The customer is the center of all our thinking and working.
  2. That is why every employee, whether internal or outside supplier, is committed to the highest quality standards.
  3. We create an atmosphere in which every staff member contributes his share independently and motivated to achieve the company’s goals.
  4. We encourage our staff to be proactive and want everybody to assume their responsibility so that the company as a whole can develop further.
  5. We seek a frank dialogue on all quality issues and support the exchange between us, our customers, our suppliers and other partners.
  6. The quality of the products and services provided by our suppliers has a great influence on the quality of our own products. That is why we integrate our suppliers in an early stage of work and agree with them on binding quality goals.
  7. If an error occurs or we receive any complaints, we will analyze the reasons and finally remedy what went wrong.
  8. Flexibility is one of the basic principles of our work. For the advantage of our customers, we will response to their special wishes and changing requirements, if necessary also at short notice.
  9. We also accept our responsibility for the environment. That is why we always adhere strictly to all legal regulations. We obligate ourselves to the sparing use of natural resources and keep the environmental impact of our work as low as possible.
  10. The protection of our staff from injuries and damages to their health means a lot to us. We continuously check and improve the preventive measures and occupational safety regulations both in-house and with our partners and customers.